Thursday, January 25, 2007

Clarification concerning JDA/JsStar license

Hmm. When I approached Maya Design a couple of weeks ago and asked about getting hold of any old version of the Javascript implementation of JDA (called JsStar). I then got the impression that if I wanted to get it I had to sign something, so it didn't feel as free as I thought it should be.

I jumped wrongfully to the conclusion that JsStar was closed and couldn't be used commercially. I must admit to being a bit rusty on anything legally attached to software which isn't GPL or LGPL :) However, I received the following confirmation Seung Chan Lim of Maya Desing this morning;

"The distribution is not GPL, but it is still free for use (commercially or non-commercially). The GPL or other open source option is being discussed, but we just haven't come to a conclusion yet."

So, as soon as they have the 0.95 version ready, it will be freely available and usable, maybe even as open-source. So ther. Sorry if I was abit unclear before :)

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