Wednesday, January 24, 2007

First alpha of the LGPL JDA

I had some real problems knotting my head in the right konfigurations required to implement the JDA standard correctly. There's only one thing certain about prototypes in javascript, and that's that when you think you understand them, you're normally way wrong.

Nontheless, the present humble results can be downloaded from Mashup station here.
I've skipped a lot of stuff in the present release just to get it working at all. So at the moment it is only possible to wire together infotrons residing in the same page, with no fancy proxying or domain-stuff. With some luck I'll get that in in a couple of weeks, RL work admitting.

If you haven't read the specification yet, please do so. It's a good read and a warm, fuzzy wow-feeling inducer. you can find it Here.

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