Friday, January 26, 2007

New Ajax-enabled JDA example at the station

Now that I've got a basic JsStar system set up (I'm calling mine JsBaStard at the moment, don't hold your breath for filee name update :), the beauty of JDA starts to shine. It'll probably take another couple of weeks to rewrite my dappit frontend visual editor in JDA but in the meantime I've thrown togehter a quick three-piece with some explanations along the way.

I'll try to add some more basic examples and more explanations as soon as I can. Please mail me, comment this blog or bother the main site if you have any questions.


Stefan said...

Hej Peter

I wonder if you tried openkapow

I is similar to dappit, but using a visual scripting client you download, it gives full control and power to do any kind of web scraping, for example combined data from several pages or sites into one feed

Peter Svensson said...

Well, I have actually downloaded it and fiddled with it for a while. I agree that it is a very good visual scraper and and mashup editor in one package.

The reason I prefer Dappit (OK, the scraping editor could be easier to grok :) is that they only doone thing, and present the result of the scrape in a multitude of different conversion format (csv, xml, raw html, google map, json, yaml, et.c.) I'm not certain that openkapow does that, since it's a closed system.

And of course I would like to (am doing :) something similar to openkapow but inside a web page, so obviously I'm envious. :)