Tuesday, January 30, 2007

OAT hangover and a new JDA demo

Hmm. It seems that OAT have some issues along the same lines as prototype has (i.e. breaks for in loops, et.c.), which makes it practically unusable in the things I'm bulding. Sad. But with some luck they'll fix it, and the compoennts are also a great inspiration. When checking out their tree component, for instance, I was impressed by how they used a lot of simple ul/li elements ina hierarchy instead of something more complex. I'll stay tuned.

Anyway, on the JDA side of the working table, I have a new working demo up and running at mashupstation, together with a lot of explanations. The ig issues with todays demo is that I've for the first time managed to wire two connections from one output terminal to the input terminals of two different ifotrons, like a T-junction.

So in a very simple step, I went from seeing my output as just debugging text to at the same time, also seeing it as a parsed tree structure. I'll never stop drinking this stuff :)

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