Thursday, February 22, 2007

Four simple Rules

I've been thinking a long time about why most web development stinks so totally, and I usppose JDA is one answer to it, and a generic, scriptable middleware specification will be another. Toady it struck me that I needed to lay down the rules once and for all, so I don't forget them. They are the following;

1. All functionality that possibly can be implemented on the client side shall be implemented on the client side.
2. All communication with the server middleware shall be constrained to service-interfaces; For instance REST.
3. No part of the client shall be evoked, generated or templated from the server-side. This rules out in-line conditional HTML in JSP, ASP, PHP, et.c.
4. The logic making up the server middleware will be implementing only the following functionality;
  1. Security
  2. Database access
  3. Cross-domain proxying for remote resources implementing only a) and b).

That's all.

I realize that this flies if not in the face of common wisdom, at least up the panties of common practices.

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