Getting closer to real usability with JDA composer

I have been gaining real ground the last couple of days with the JDA composer. The basic idea is to have reasonable defaults, and to make it easy to let a newcomer keep to the road as much as possible. The goal right now is to make it pssobile to create full javascript blueprints and then define infotrons based on them in the visual page editor. Right now the following works in the blueprint editor;

1) You can create and delete blueprints, which are stored on the server
2) You can add or delete input terminals, output terminals and properties for each blueprint
3) When creating an input terminal whose handler functions deos not yet exist, a stub function will be created.
4) When attempting to load another blueprint when the current one has been modified, the bp editor will warn the user.
5) The same goes for removal of terminals and properties.
6) Function are edited inside small dojo Editor2 widgets

And it actually looks kind of good :) If you read this, please try it out and comment. The address is


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