Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Learning Dojo the hard way

The last days have let me come quite far on the blueprint manager. Since I finished the visual generics, so that you can crate, move and resize elements manually - as well as edit basic style attributes suchas abckground color, fint, fint-size, et.c, I've been moving on to creating and editing blueprints.

Blueprints - as you may not know yet :) - is stand-alone javascript "classes", which consist of a function call to BLUEPRINT(), which is defined by JDA for blueprint registration, and is composed of three parts;

1) Input and output 'terminals', which let the infotron based on the blueprint connect to other infotrons,
2) Properties, which are just named variables which can be filled when the infotron based on the blueprint is created adn wired.
3) A series of functions which handle startup, shutdown and incoming messages on each input terminal. Each input terminal specifies the name of the blueprint function which handles its messages.

And so far I've managed to implement named blueprint creation, which calls MAYAs UUID service from the php backend which gives the blueprint a unique identifier, and I'm also toying with typing each infotron (Service, wrapper, logic, et.c.) to make it easier for people to browse each others blueprints when crating services.

One controversial feature I'm working on is to create and manage each function in the blueprint more "wizard" based and to highlight and perhaps draw dotted lines between related items (properties when used, for instance), rather than allow complete free-form editing. We'll see what happens.

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