Friday, February 9, 2007

Pros and Cons of the Flu + return of the dojo

The last week has been filled with high-temp kids and several trips to the hospital due to eye infections. Things have calmed down reasonably now, but this years flu was really heavy, to say the least.

The upside of this is that I've had several days with babysitting very calm and mostly sleeping kids, which have given me more time to code over a short period of time for almost ten years!

This has resulted in getting a stable codebase for the JDA visual composer. I had a lot of problems writing my own pop-up component which attached to other components and showed edit, deltete, et.c. menus. Finally I saw that dojo had just the ticket, and by throwing away maybe three days prior work and copy-pasting for half an hour I got a far better result. Please check out the right-click popup menu examples at the dojo demo site .

And again the power of JDA shines through. I realize this sounds slightly silly if you haven't tried it yet, but while I've been up in the attic doing all sorts of silly stuff with my code, the html page itself is almost unchanged, and the only two components were ever affected (OK, three tops :), leaving the other provably sound. At other times, it's easy to resist trying something new because you feel you don't remember enough if all other small changes to be 100% sure you don't break anything.

Now I know. That's difference.

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