Saturday, March 10, 2007

A car building itself

Of course, that's not a very good analogy, and an extreme overstatement of how things go with the editor at the moment - but it's that kind of feeling. Once the core code stabilized I had a couple of idea;

1. Writing an importer for JDA blueprints, so that I can snarf the entire distro in a simple way. otherwise I'd have to enter each blueprints terminals and functions manually.
2. Finally get around to implement "droppability", so that you can make a form adn justd rop elements into it, such as in the OAT demo.
3. (again) finally just implement the possibility to add atomic HTML elements, which can be wrapped by infotrons, et.c.

What was odd that in just a couple of hours, I had managed to implement the wholesale downloading of blueprints from source files. I've made some ugly shortcuts here and there, but all in all I can now eat all official blueprints and make them available as configuration for every element in the visual editor. Rather nice, says me.

The droppability I had done before, in an earlier incarnation of the editor, so I just copied the code, barely touched it up and it worked (as long as you remember to not have postition:relative elements :)

The hardest part is oddly enough to let the user / developer choose from a selection of html elements. The reason this is hard is that many elements have spscific attributes which are unique to them and which without the element itself is useless . The src tag in img, comes to mind, as does the type in input. That means that I'll have to do a large hmmm on how to implement the choices in the most simple way.

But two out of three for a saturday evening can't count as bad. We had kids over at the house the whole day keeping _our_ kids busy, so under those conditions the code almost writes itself :)

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