Monday, March 26, 2007

Internet Deplorer

I posted this to the dojo-list but I thought I'd blog about it as well, because ... well, because MS needs and deserves all the bad press the world can find, I guess ;)


I have been battling a problem when using Dialogs in both FF and IE for the last week. I'm using 4.1rc2 (IIRC).
The problem has been that I build dynamic content inside the dialog which is shown correctly in FF, but is invisible or hidden in IE.

I have tried a multitude of approaches for getting IE to show the content of the dialog. I have ,

1) Created the dialog almost entirely in the HTML page (dojoType="Dialog" ..etc..)
2) Created the dialog entirely programmatically
3) Skipped the form and only used a table which i append to the dialog
4) Created a dojo:Form instead of a plain form element and addChild that to the dialog
4) Numerous contortions of the above themes, sometimes in combination.

None have worked.

Today I got so frustrated that I just added a naked input type=text under the Dialog's div.... and that worked.

Now is that strange or what? So if anyone have had similar problems with Internet Explorer (6, in my case), just slam the elements up as they go, no fancy-footing with forms here, no.

Back to the labs :)

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