Friday, March 2, 2007

pit stop

It amazing how simple things expand when you get closer to them. It's very much like watching a road from a hill and imagining how simple a walk it will be compared to the trek you've just endured.

Once you get to the actual implementation of controlled infotron creation and the hidden specters in the PHP/MySQL relationship you tend to look back over the shoulder to the more simple times of yore, when you only had to contend with agressive colorpickers and the like.

Anyway, here I am - in the middle of something workable. I've nominally finished the element configuration part. The place where you can tie functionality (as in a datagrid) to an element, but more importantly, it's where you can tie together the output of the current elements infotron with the input of another. It seems to work :)

At the moment I follow that I can create, edit and save a function of an infotron blueprint, and as I save it I log in my PHP backend that the correct function body has indeed arrived.

Nontheless, inside MySQL, a syntactically correct function string resides (where one wasn't before), but void of logic.

It's not that some control-character have terminated the javascript function body string at some point and left a dangling end, or that nothing got through, but that just the lines containing information are lost. It's a puzzle, but as with most puzzles I expect left foot to hold the missing piece, when the mystery unravels.

And a very nice friday evening to you too.

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