Thursday, March 8, 2007

The quagmire of success

Augh! Another victory like this and I'm lost! I've foudn and removed some preconcieved notions in the stuff that manages connections between infotrons now, and also squashed a bug which swallowed the character '+'. Fairly bad for anone using string concats in js. Now I've finally connected my test button with my test textarea :-)=

Also, the styling (backgound color, font family & size, et.c.) is consitently changed all the way down the component hierarchy in the infotron you style, so that if you have a Form, and change the font, the font change will also affect all labels, et.c. Now, I jsut need to add a Form :)

Actually, now that things start to work in the framework I'll do a batch import function inthe blueprint manager which will let me drop all the existing blueprints from the distribution (Check the Wiki) in no time flat.

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