Friday, March 9, 2007

Simplicity in code

Since I wrote my four rules, I've been looking for other people sharing the same sentiments. The rules were borm out of an increasing irritation of the complexity of todays software systems.

Today I see the following;

Sometimes what we are working on is complicated to understand, code and create. My argument is not to simplify the requirements for what we are doing but to find the simplest, most effective way to implement them
On the blog of Andrew Wulf / The codist. It's the most profound counter-argument when starting to talk about simplicity in softwared evelopment. It's not that we should do less, but to do it better. There is a difference in efficiency between a kitchen where yuo make your food with burning wood and hadn-drawn water, and a kitchen where you have an electric oven and running water - een if they "do the same thing". I fel that we don't use the technology we hav to reduce complexity enough.

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