Thursday, March 15, 2007

Yiihaaa!! JDA rox0rz!!

After a lot of tweaking and fiddling, I finally got to my stable ground. My baseline for a workable system has been to be able to wire together more than two components, where one of them is a google or yahoo map, using nontrivial services in the meantime.

What I've done here is to create a form visually, by dragging the form tag out from the menu on the right, then dragging two text input fields and one submit input field on to that, not forgetting to name the input fields.

Step two was to configure the form HTML tag as a GenericForm JDA blueprint (part of the JDA 0.95b distro), which didn't change the looks, but added terminals and logic to the form tag.

Step three was to drag a div onto the canvas, and configure that as a GoolgeGeocoder blueprint (Which is one I created on the fly in just five minutes in the blueprint manager/code editor, which is the second button down on the left). That blueprint has one input terminal for an address array, and one output terminal which posts a GPoint object. It doesn't look like anything, so I'll hide that kind of component later, I think.

Step four was to create a div, which I configured as a SimpleGoogleMap. The only problem right now is that the google map blueprint eats my drag/move/resize logic, so I can't place it somewhere else, or resize it after I've designated the div as a GoogleMap. I think I know how to fix that by wrapping it inside another div (Like I do with the input elements)).

After that I right-clicked to get my nice dojo menu on every element, and choose connections, which pop up the connections dialog. From that I choose the correct endpoint for each of the two elements with outgoing connections.

It works beautifully!! My next two major steps are to add page management, so that you can save, load, delete the page you make, and to add openId, Yahoo, Google authentication so that everyone isn't 'anonymous'

I don't think that'll be particularly complicated. I've done the PHP/MySQL backend for page management already, and at least google auth API is very straightforward.

The final step (around the time I'll need nice and juicy VC :) is to implement generation of downloaded zipfiles containing the page you've made, including jda lib, infotron blueprints, css according to choosen styling, et.c.

My ultimate goal is to be able to produce downloads which are completely separate form the site, and which will work on any server and environment.

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