Thursday, April 19, 2007

Creeping functionality and some actual documentation

So, things have been busy as usual. Stuff I've finally dragged kicking and screaming into a usable state;

1) Datasource generation, which let you either search for and create blueprint out of a dappit dapp, a basic WSDL file or a simple table in a HTML page.
2) Menu choices to 'extract' HTML forms into the canvas from comments I've auto-generated in the datasource blueprints, mainly to get shorter test-cycles when coding but actually a nifty feature in itself
3) A workable simple wrapper for dojo's FilteringTable, which tries to use sensible defaults when just getting a heap of data.

Then I've begun fiddling with dojo's charting engine which, in good dojo tradition, have no documentation whatsoever. Truly and really. Isn't life great? :) I've managed to get it up and running in a blueprint, but I still can't understand quite how to map values. I'll get on it, promise.

Also, I've done a fairly working blueprint which takes dapp output from a dappit datasource and munges it so it can be digested by the SimpleTable (as I've called it). Eight now I might have broken that in favor of supporting the really usable simple table scraper. but any week now :)

Aaaaaand.... the docs! At is the first actual words apart from here which tells anyone how to use the composer. Please indulge, if you're so inclined.

I also seem to have reverted to an earlier error, in the visual manager, so I get wrong connections. I kind of remember how I tackled that, so as soon as I get the other stuff done...

Then I've finally made some real scaffolding for the page manager. That's a bit of a nut to crack, though, because I need to decide how to parse the canvas before storing it, but more importantly how to recreate a canvas page from storage. I.e. I'm not sure that my database model is sufficient. it might, but we'll see. Since it's nontrivial, I tend to drag it about.

Then there's the fairly simple login issue of supporting Yahoo, Google and openId id's. Really. It's not that hard, mainly some work on the serverside, but as I have nothing else to do :) ..

Then there's my daywork, involving shibboleth and GuanXi. Aeughhh!!

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