At the bar, ordering a Beer

If it weren't for all the small, nonlethal things I've skipped over during tha last three months to get here, today would feel like a complete success.

As it is, is feels like having ordered the Beer, but not yet having it in close proximity, This is of course a huge leap forward from being able to see the bar further down the hill last week.

So what have happened to excuse such an unusual display of extreme exuberance, complete with potent inebriatic imagery? Well, glad you asked. I've finally managed to export the jda runtime, with assorted supporting files into an html-file which is itself generated directly from the database, converting general element and/or infotron definitions to html tags with correct top/left placement, correct jda initialization, connections between infotrons etc, etc,

What this really means is that I can now export pages made in the composer as true stand-alone artifacts. The only thing left now, is to create an archive of the generated html-file,and the backend php-scripts, as well as config file for devkeys replacemenet, and some extra UI components in the composer to handle development keys ... and some extra function in all blueprints that require devkeys to define them (and use them, instead of hardcoded values).

But other than that, it's as good as finished :) I don't have any inconceivable problems at the moment, just drumming my fingers until the barman gets back from the fridge.