Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Good reads and the advent of facebook apps

Since being nearly there with the exporting to joomla business, I've of course been sidetracked by the sweet lure of making facebook applications.

I've done a couple of fairly simple, but quite workable ones. One interesting thing looking closer at facebook, is that they _do_ actually allow javascript in their pages. They just restrict it heavily.

One idea I have in May was to make facebook a target for the composer (or what I might end up calling it), but dropped it due to js being unsupported. Now, however, I might be able to.

Even though the composer needs shortsloads of js to get up and running, it doesn't necessarily mean that its output has to. I'll sleep on that a bit.

But then there's William Gibson's new "Spook Country" which is just brilliant. Must have. trust me.
I didn't like the earlier later ones, really. Only Pattern Recognition, and so-so at that. But Spook Country is very much just that :)

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