Monday, September 10, 2007

The last 80%

Yes, as always - again and again - after 80% is done, it's just the last 80% left to do; Layout bugs, missing buttons, various edge-cases, et.c.

rather than foucs on all small things left to do before I can feel comfortabel with showing the composer to investors or potential partners, is that it's actually workable as an IDE. Several times last month when having ideas on certain topics, I've used the composer, either creating blueprints, or fooling around with the WYSIWYG designer to try things out.

But the nicest thing I've done recently is so simple that I haven't really thought about it before, and it gives so much more to the overall impression of a page or a widget; Adding the possibility to define background-images for an element. I haven't finished the saving and loading part yet :) But it really does wonders for professional looks.

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