Thursday, November 15, 2007

Introducing the Backface facebook widget library :)

So I was bored last night. Everyone in the family save the cats were asleep and I was frustrated that my facebook apps looked so criminally ugly. Here I sit writing fairly complex Javascript wizardry for common browsers, and yet I'm unable to stop the msot simple facebook app to look like something nasty.

I knew that FB allowed most Javascript functions, even if they rewrite all id references, and don't let you peek into the contents of elements, et.c.

I started to hunt for old framework-less Javascript samples for dragging and fading, and managed, despite what I would have thought from the beginning, to actually make it work. So now I have draggable "panes" with drop-shadows and everything, inside the canvas page of a facebook app. I don't think there's much to be done for the profile page, but I'll check it out..

Also, I managed to make a separate library of it, so if you're using PHP for you facebook app, you're free to download and use it. I'll probably put a LGPL sticker on it, but right now I just want to see if anyone finds it useful.

You can download a zipfile containing the library and a small demo page here;

A live demo of the [sic] demo is here (facebook login required);
Not that since the demo facebook app is part of the package, I have just copied code from another project that forces you to add it. I have no ads in it. You don't *have* to look at it, and you can almot jsut as easily d/l the zip and create you own demo project in two minutes flat :)


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nice... i like ;)