Sunday, January 27, 2008

Web Måndag

Isn't it great when things happens at a quick pace? Just this week I got to know about Web Montag (Web Monday) which is a very web 2.0, grass-roots casual series of presentation & mingle events.

Anyone can host a Web Monday, and anyone can participate. It's built upon a "speakers corner" kind of ideal; You contact tho host of the event and get you ten minute presentation, and then there's some kind of main event from some company, or just some person who's got an interesting project.

I've been lucky enough to get my employer to sponsor Beer, Pizza and WiFi for the occasion, as well as somewhere to be, so I basically just have to host, meet nice people and have a great time. Yes, do some speaking and waving at screens as well, but that's just fun anyway.

Due to the fact that my wife rides on Mondays, I had to put the event the first _tuesday_ in every month instead. Web Monday on a Tuesday, no less :)

This first event, the 5th of February will focus on Dojo, Thin-server technology and the newly released Ajax server Jaxer, from Aptana, which I'll do an hour-long piece on.

If you live in, or know that you'll be in Sweden the 5th, and want to go to the event, add your name to the Wiki page; So I know how many beer to ask for.

Se you there,


Tim said...

Hi Peter, thanks for bringing Web Monday to Sweden! I guess it's finally time to translate the FAQ into English. ;-)

Let me know if there's anything I can do help or promote the event. If you have any audio or video come out of the event, feel free to share it on the Web Monday Blog (I can give you access if you're interested).

Good luck! Look forward to learning more about cool internet stuff from Sweden.

Tim said...

Hi Peter, this is a great step for the webmonday thing. I'll promote your event on the next webmonday at düsseldorf / germany tomorrow.

Peter Svensson said...

Thanks Tim!

I do plan to have at least photos of the events, in addition to ppts.

I'm not sure about the video uptake, though. It will probably be in Swedish, depending on the participation, of course, but given the location it seems likely :)

But still, video would be kind of cool to have. Hmm, I'll have to gnaw a bit more on that bone and get back. Thanks for all the promoting and help.

Tim said...

Note these are two different Tims here: one is doing Web Monday Duesseldorf, the other one is me (I'm the one who started Web Monday in 2005, I'm originally from Germany but now based in San Jose, CA). ;-)

Peter Svensson said...

OK :) But I'm really happy to hear from both of you.

But since we're on the subject, I think it would be an excellent idea to have an English version of each major Wiki page for Web Montag, since it would make it more accessible.

Anonymous said...

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