Thursday, February 7, 2008

Dojo Developer Day

You _do_ know that the fourth Dojo Developer Day start right now, as we speak, don't you?

If you are in or near San Fransisco, head up to the GooglePlex, where Google are donating the use of some facilities for the event, but mail rsvp at dojotoolkit dot org, so people know you're coming.

It's completely free, and chock-full of the brightest and the best in the Dojo-making industry of today :)

Believe me, if I were in San Fransisco, I'd be camping outside the doors. Actually, it would suffice with being in any of the Americas. As it stand, I sit in "Gamla Stan" in Stockholm, Sweden and is going precisely 20 km west (not near enough by a long shot) to cook dinner for my family. But that's life.

The next DDD, though...

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