Thursday, March 20, 2008

Breakthrough and some things you shouldn't miss

I finally decided how to create a component for WaveMaker that was both simple to create and simple to use. I choose to use a text string property that shows up and is editable in the studio IDE, which defines what submenus to create.

That means that if you enter "foo,baz,baz" in the property field for the menus, you will get a nice, resizable menu popping up in the IDE, with the submenus foo, bar and baz. No problem there.

I thought really hard on how to use the menus, and to show their use in a simple way within the WaveMaker IDE. I finally settled on using the wildly overlooked and insanely usable publish / subscribe message bus in Dojo 1.x

That meant that I had to create yet another component that listened for events from the menu component, but that's really OK, since it give newcomers something to copy and modiy without having to learn every little thing, which after all is what a HOWTO is about (IMHO).

So I took some screen dumps and wrote a short piece on how to create custom components using Dojo 1.x for WaveMaker. Source code and all.

Also, frustrated not to have a site to collect all available information on Thin Server Architecture, I created one, very quickly, using Google Apps. I didn't really intend to show it officially this early, but my collaborator Ganesh Prasad decided to let the cat out of the bag (which is the way things should go, of course. You can't just sit on things until they're 'ready', whatever that means ).

Then all of a sudden Matt Raible wrote a blog about it, and suddenly a lot of people get to see the fairly rough site. Also, as Matt succinctly puts it (my rewrite) ; it wouldn't hurt if a site that is all about client-side view did have one. To my defense I must hasten to add that at the moment we only have static information, which is fairly well handled by the server. Even I must confess to that :)

Then as the last absolute must-read today is Kris Zyp' blog about the upcoming, generic JSON web service description format, SMD, which will allow for pluggable web services, which is so cool it hurts. If you read only one thing today, read this!


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