Sunday, March 30, 2008

Bunkai funkai

Things chug along. Not with any speed, but still.. I've now managed to get the Ext grid test up and run for Kirk at the World Change Network, which is very nice.

Also, I just realized that I had forgot to apply the template from Packtpub to the chapter I had such a hard time finishing. Within ten minutes my 21 pages was transformed into 45! Now that's what I call writing! :)

So it was finally time to continue to finish the Bunkai refactoring. When I released Bunkai it was a real dog, written shoddily inside the page and just barely working. I have now had time to do the following;

1) Create a Dojo Widget (Dijit) for the Bunkai editor as a whole, so it becomes dropable.
2) Create separate Dojo classes of all separate things (resources, editors and files, mostly).
3) Use superclassing to abstract away common functionality for all editors and resources.
4) Create a Google code repository and use svn for all code changes. Thanks Google ;)

Right now it works nominally, but only the menu shows. I have still to move in all old functionality, drag-drop et.c., but with all the work I've done today (and some evenings the last week) I expect the pace to pick up considerably. it feels really much cleaner to work with as a codebase already.

I've yet to start with creating a Dijit out of EditArea, so that part of the code just stays quietly in place and gets called as best I can.

I have high hopes of being able to ship a Bunkai version 0.3 which makes use of Lars Trieloff's excellent Apache Sling data store for resource loading and save later the coming week.

Then there's this really cool Friendfeed idea I've been toying with.

Ah, time...

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