Monday, March 17, 2008

Mentoring and Why is everything taking so long!

I got approved for mentoring someone for Google Summer for Code 2008. We're talking Dojo here, naturally. :) But I think it's a good opportunity to learn, according the age-old praxis that you learn the most when you're teaching someone else. Because of having to formulate yourself, et.c. It's going to be really interesting.

Some updates, then, if you're one of the hundred or so persons I've promised to do something for. Today I have:

1) Done real work for my day-time customers in the Dojo Charting, Widgeting and Gridding department: Yes
2) Writing on the Book (Learning Dojo from Packtpub): Yes, a little.
3) Finishing the fine and very simple Menu widget tool for WaveMaker Ajax Studio 3.1: No
4) Writing a simple PoC Grid for Kirk at the World Change Network: No
5) Refactoring Bunkai so that it can *finally* be included in Sling as an editor: Yes, a lot, but it's not enough.
6) Checking out the latest EditArea from Christophe and converting it into a Dojo Widget: No
7) Finishing the site, so it doesn't look like a complete dog : No
8) Actually playing some with my daughter who was home sick today while I mostly worked: Yes
9) Rallying more people to come to next Web Monday, and speakers as well, not to mention: No
10) Writing a simple mixin for JDA, to wire together Dojo widgets the JDA way for Slim: No
11) Showing my son how to operate the lockpad for his bathhouse excursion tomorrow before he fell asleep: Yes
12) Taking care to rest a lot to as to not fall prey to another cold: Yeah, right!

If you saw that your issues were on the 'red' side of this list, rest assured that tomorrow I'l switch everything around (again) :)


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