Sunday, March 9, 2008

Nailed them Menus

Finally, after having a dozen 15 - 30 minutes sessions with different attempts at creating my own custom menus with WaveMaker, I managed to do them - almost as I wanted.

I think the big problem was that I began with implementing a lot of function I thought I needed, thereby overriding mixins and superclasses (yes, I forgot to call them, ta!).

Then I carried on in same vein, by mismanaging the information about which element to use for what, et.c. Now that the menus are (sort of) there, I need to do the following;

1) Dig up my old JDA Composer II template, where I had menus up and down the page and copy some code,
2) Find out a way to easily connect event to the menus (Can probably snarf stuff from existing components)
3) Meditate upon the best way to add new menus and submenus (i already have a custom 'submenu' widget which I can use as substrate)

But all in all, I managed to nail one out of 120 point in my wish list - not bad!

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