Saturday, April 12, 2008

One step forward in the great procrastinating adventure

Today I would have been writing zillions of pages on the upcoming "Learning Dojo" book from Packtpub. I have entertained a mild headache the entire week, and for reasons unknown I did some basic research instead. It was Dojo, though, but it was for some reason wildly game-related. Search me.

As it happens, in just a short few hours (if you can keep a secret, it's for a hex-based star empires / Traveller kind of free strategy game sitting comfortably upon google application engine. Please don't tell anyone, but I *really* like game programming, OK?

At the moment, I've just managed to make a couple of Dojo 1.1 widgets that looks like above
If you want to see the hexes magically react to your cursor, step up to ;

I've used dojox.gfx 2d magic, of course, but it still gets me back to the old days as a teenager, trying to get something cool up on a screen. I'm 41, but now I finally can :) [When you're 41, you're officially allowed to smile about it. Not everyone knows this]


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