Thursday, May 22, 2008

Going to San Francisco

So, this Saturday me and the rest of the family (sans cats) will blast off from Arlanda airport, Stockholm, bounce at O'Hare in Chicago and land 17 hours later in San Francisco.

The reason for this extravagance is Google I/O, which I'll be attending. I haven't made up my mind yet what sessions I'll be going to. All seems to be a hard option :)

Anyway. It was almost ten years since I last was in SF; so it'll be great to be back again. If you know of any really nice kid-friendly restaurants (apart from the Pier and McD!) and/or know of any geek-friendly activities in the neighborhood, please comment or mail me directly (see address in the sidebar).

The main problem is to find another Hotel where we can buy admission to use the pool, since ours don't have any. The reason for that is that it's hard to explain to a six-year old girl why there's no pool in the Hotel, that's why :) I've bought Naruto's for her brother, so he'll be OK.


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