Monday, June 23, 2008

Twitter and Gears

OK, this is probably tangential to the book I should be writing on right now (20 pages to go until Sunday. Argh!), but it _is_ Dojo.

Twitter is more like a kind of weather than a service. It goes well at times, and at times it does not. Many times I wish I just could search through old tweets, or sort them quickly in some ways not intended by twitter.

I've actually thought; why not use Gears to store all twits and then just use a Dojo Grid to show them. Separating download and presentation in a perceivable way could actually be a feature of a twitter client.

Most probably someone has already done this and much better than I, but anyway, I've actually made it work .. sort of :)

So if anyone know if this has already been done, please mail me or comment here. Once the stuff is in the google gears store I thought I'd add a MIT Simile timeline to splunk it up a bit as well.



Ashish Nayyar said...

I had many problems with Twitter but fortunately it worked when i tried after sometime. may be its because of server load but i am not sure.

Peter Svensson said...

@Ashish. Twitter has intermittent problems occasionally, but the API is (IMO) fairly simple to work with.

I'm looking forward to the new auhtentication sutff, though.