Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Tech Talk on Thin Server Architecture and Dojo at Google

While I was in the neighborhood, I managed to get invited to do a tech talk at Google's Mountain View offices this last Friday. I tried to describe the drawbacks with traditional server-centric web frameworks and to use Dojo as an example of how to build true client applications which lead to an increased efficiency for the development team and hence to lower production and maintenance costs.

People were in general very nice but razor-sharp and to the point. Very good discussions afterward focusing on build systems and SEO issues.
Here's the slides themselves;

And here is the Youtube video of my presentation as it is;

Alex Martelli was there as well, and had to comment on the size of my computer :) Erk Arvidsson who should have been my presenter (since I was so nervous I jus got up and presented myself as I usually do, sorry Erik!) took some pictures of relative computer sizes between mine and Alex's;


Heather said...

That was wonderful to get to watch your presentation! You did a great job!!!

Peter Svensson said...

@heather: You're most kind. ^-^ Thanks!

Erik Arvidsson said...

Thanks for coming to talk at Google and thanks for a great talk.

Peter Svensson said...

@erik arvidsson: It was a very nice experience. I suppose you get used to it, but Google MTV r0x0rz :)

andrejk said...

Funny, I did a presentation on the same topic last week, but used jquery and grails in my examples. See my presentation here: http://www.andrejkoelewijn.com/wp/2008/10/27/client-server-20-using-jquery-and-grails/

Peter Svensson said...

@andrejk: Yes! I really like your presentation, especially slide 15. I think there's a 1:1 relationship between TSA and CS2.0.

Could I interest you in the SOFEA mailing list? It's open to all who is interested and is aimed at promoting and developing these kind of architetures.



Schmartin said...

thanks for this slides. Thin Server Architecture/SOFEA impressed me much. After graduation it would be a great topic to work on.

Peter Svensson said...

@Schmartin: Let me know if you need any more info or have any questions about specific issues, and I'll be glad to help you with it.