Monday, December 1, 2008

Sample chapter from my new book - Layout

Promotion is a strange thing. 

I mean, I have written this book and it would be nice if people read it. 

However, I'm no marketing expert and despite appearances, tend to be a bit dismissive of my achievements.

Having said that, let me tell you what's great about the book I wrote;

1) It's just 250 pages long
2) It covers in the most approachable way I could write about it - not common :)
3) It delves into as many parts of dojox as I could muster, not just the usual stuff but DragPanes, ExpandoPanes and GridContainers, with examples and tutorials as well.
4) Uses a lot of the actual (svn) source code of Dojo to show and explain different kinds of funcitonality.
5) Describes the creation of custom Dojo widgets at every opportunity.
6) Heavily opinionated.

That's not enough for you, eh? OK, grab a sample chapter on layout right here, and tell me what you think. No really, please mail me so I get some feedback on how usable it is to actually learn Dojo, since that's what the title is about, isn't it?



Kris Zyp said...

I can't seem to access the link to the chapter.

Martin V said...

The correct link is:

Peter Svensson said...

@Kris Zyp, @Martin V: Argh! Thank you so much for the quick comments. That's what you get for *not* copying the url, I guess :)

The link is now corrected. Thx


Alex said...

Congratulations Peter on your first book! I've long wanted to learn about funcitonality (which is the tonality of funk music, right?) so I'm glad you're focusing on this rather than old boring functionality...!-)

Peter Svensson said...

@Alex. ArgH!!! Thank you for the correction :-)= I'll try to spell correctly when presenting my next book.

Heather said...

Just ordered your book. Looks very useful - I just wish I'd had it 6 months ago when I was muddling through dojo data on my own ;)

Peter Svensson said...

@Heather: Thank you so much :)

I think that the recent problems in learning has been the models associated with trees and grids, which thankfuly are beginning to disappear.

Having dipped down into the stuff once properly, it really isn't that difficult, but I also remember how hard it was to remember what went where when learning how to put thing together using


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