Thursday, September 17, 2009

jQuery workshop in Stockholm with Remy Sharp

For the first time in Stockholm, Sweden. Hermit Village in conjunction with Left Logic proudly presents a 1-day workshop with the acclaimed jQuery contributor Remy Sharp.

The workshop will be held October 22 at DFS, Vasagatan 8-10 in Stockholm, right across the central station.

Remy Sharp is a world-class JavaScript and jQuery guru who not only speaks at, ut organizes his own conferences.

Read more about him here, and check out the upcoming Full Frontal JavaScript conference here.

Workshop details:

You'll be learning jQuery from a practical point of view: what you can use out of the box to quickly get effects and interaction live in to your wireframes, prototypes and web sites. The aim *isn't* to teach you JavaScript, but to teach you what you need to know to be able to leverage jQuery to do your bidding.

The workshop will cover topics such as:

  • JavaScript & debugging basics: how to fake it as a JavaScripter
  • Progressive enhancement & Graceful degradation - what's what
  • jQuery: how do bend the DOM to your will
  • Effect and animations - things that go whizz bang!
  • Ajax: it's even simpler than you think
  • Using jQuery UI for instant widgets, for zero work

The workshop audience is aimed at beginners to intermediates - and it's very hands on!

We'll start with covering the basics of JavaScript so that you have a good grounding and you can fake your way through coding. This will include anonymous functions, scope, context (what 'this' means in different places) and objects. Then we'll move on to tabbing systems, how they work, how to recognise them when they don't look like tabbing systems, and then on to the juicier stuff such as effects, Ajax and jQuery UI.

To register for this workshop, mail organizer Peter Svensson at

The price for this one-day event is €495, but if you register before October 1, you will get an early-bird price at 400.

Also, BYOL (Bring your own laptop)


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