Friday, October 2, 2009

Presenting at

Wow! I will be presenting at JSConf, together with most of the really cool people I know. I'm really happy and proud to be chosen to attend this Battlestar Galactica Epic conference dedicated to just JavaScript, the best of the best. :)

You can peer at the bearded fellow in the presentation abstract here (I'll talk about the dojox.gfx and dojox.charting cross-browser graphics packages); but just in case, the text is copied below;

Peter Svensson will give us deep insights into real-time 2D graphics in the browser.

The Dojo Ajax Toolkit has a multitude of different features that help save time for the harried JavaScript developer. One of the most powerful and yet least known is the Canvas like dojox.gfx API, which adapts itself to the browser's 2D capabilities. It can use VML, SVG, Canvas and Silverlight, depending on what the browser supports. On top of the dojox.gfx library is also built the dojox.charting API which leverages the cross-browser graphics of dojox.gfx to provide snappy, versatile, themable and configurable charting with tooltips, dynamic scaling and general eventing.

Peter's Bio
Peter Svensson is an entrepreneur and Java developer turned Ajax and JavaScript evangelist.
He is a contributor to the Dojo Ajax Toolkit and author of the book "Learning Dojo". When not talking at conferences, he's busy developing his company "Hermit Village" with competences ranging from Dojo, Android, and App Engine to OpenSocial, Layar and Google Friend Connect. He is also the organizer of the Scandinavian Web Developer Conferences and the Google Technology User Group for Stockholm, Sweden.


What? There was an equally Epic Google technology User Group - Stockholm meeting last night, with over 90 people present. True, but this has been a hectic week and I really need to sleep first before attempting that post. Coming during the weekend though. Films at eleven. beep.


Fredrik Wendt said...

The URL you supplied is not working - put in /speaker/ after /2009/ and you'll be all set! :)

Peter Svensson said...

Argh! Thanks Fredrik.