Monday, February 1, 2010

GTUG Meeting January 2010

The January meeting got out of hand early on, as I got a semingly inocuous email message from a GTUG member asking if anyone from Google would be there to show the recently unveiled Nexus One phones.

I asnwered that I thought it unlikely, but that I would give it a shot, and then forward the request to Tommy at Google Sweden.

Not many minutes passed before I got a reply where he positively guaranteed that he or someone else would be present at the meeting, just the next week.

When people got to know about this, we had a deluge of registrations, and for the nth time I became really tired with LinkedIn's feature-lack of limits for the otherwise hadny events that I used to use for GTUGs. In all, 93 people registered on the double machine check-in me and Ottoboni provided for the evening.

First out was Ingemar Resare who talked about Google Apps integration, then came Tommy and Serge from the Google Office and totally winged an imprompty Nexus One presentation using their personal ones and answered hudnerds of questions.

I had to break somewhere in the possible middle of the question train since people started getting restless, eyehing the sandwhich trays (OK, so I was hungry, sue me :)

The food break was on the other hand a natural time for people to get to thold and try out the Nexus One themselves, with a Sandwhich or beer in the other, possibly both.

To the left here is Tommy describing the Nexus one's features.

For our last number, we got Peter Sönnergren who did an outstanding App Engine + Java talk which led to a lot of questions and I think perhaps the first real walkthrough for many present.

He was promptly talked to by the arranger of JFokus (which was due the very next week) and it turned out that he not only appeared on stage (together with Patrick Chanezon, I think) and also took over a Groove on App Engine session, sicne the Groovy guy had falled unexpectedly sick at the day of the talk. Talk about pivoting!

Gotta keep this short, but now you know what was going on.  And actually, the next GTUG meeting is this Thursday - completely packed as well, since we will both host Spotify's Anders Bond who will talk about their Android development process, and as a little extra number..

An Actual Android Developer Codelab with breakout coding sessions and everything led by Reto and Billy from the Google Developer Advocate Android team. Check out their schedule here. Sweden is just part of the big show that's going down right now.

But we'll have a meeting in March as well - at the Google Sweden Office (allegedly).