Tuesday, July 31, 2007

You acquire a +6/+6 Two-handed Sword of bug-smiting

Some days are just incredible. This is one such day. Not only have I just started to feel normal (albeit weak) again from my recent pneumonia (Ugh!), but I've solved two serious problems and fixed half a dozen pesky bugs that I've known about but never really got round to. Also, I've added new functionality. Ah, the sweet feeling of success - almost a mythical beast :)

Some highlights include;

1) Added bezier connections hot off the shelf from AHerz latest batch of powerful draw2d magic.
2) Finally, finally, finally fixed the load/save cycle even if you only have html elements and is standing on one leg during a thunderstorm. Styles propagate. infotron properties gets saved. And loaded. The only words that come to mind are Sean connery's succinct "Schweeeet".
3) Fixed Google Maps so that markers gets shown properly again. Really don't know what I did, but it works :)
4) Re factored (OK, I didn't do all today :) infotron loading and connecting so that both manual fiddling and loading from server calls the same final functions, which makes it easier to give the same treatment to the visual manager.

Next up are of course (as always);
1) Fixing so that you can create and remove infotrons without leaving the "conceptual" visual manager, along with add/remove connections, et.c.
2) Really, really flush everything when loading a new page, so that things don't go bonkers somwhere.
3) Decide on a primary export target already! And git!

I'm actually grounded on doctors orders until 9/8, so with some luck I'll be done by then. Sort of :)

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Steve, Helma and the second coming of NBL

Quick update first: The draw2d figure connections routing now works. It was my fault as always ;) The save/load cycle is 90% done and only needs some quick touches to really swipe things everywhere when loading and really initialize everything while loading. I can finally start to work with it as a tool now, which is great.

Concerning Google, I cannot comment at the moment what is happening or not except to say that Z├╝rich is a surprisingly nice and friendly city and Zooglers are a cool bunch of people.

Now for todays piece of information. Nobody in their right mind should have missed Steve Yegges announcement at Foocamp that he was basically porting ruby on rails to JavaScript - on the server side. Yikes! It seems that the server side language and framework I had been hoping for is already being made.

Today Joh Resig mentioned an exisiting js serverside framework called Helma.
I know that the Sun guys are already working hard on the Phobos project, which also is a java-contained js framework. The problem I have with Phobos is that it technically feels like going back seven years to JSP pages, including horribly mixing of code and presentation.

What's really, really cool with Helma is that it contains a js object-db abstraction layer. See above for a picture from their site.

Like a true coincidence I happen to be at the point where I'm starting to choose an export target for components generated in the composer. Also, one of my future musings include a visual editor for creating server-side objects, and for generating CRUD forms from them. Kind of makes you think. Hmmm :)