Tuesday, September 25, 2007


OK. I have top/left coordinates are off. All styling doesn't come along for the ride, and it like like a punch in the face, but I've finally managed to export the whole caboodle, php backend and everything. What this means is that I can whip up a form with named textfields, connect them to a yahoo image search, and connect the output of that to a JDA slideshow javascript blueprint.

Then I just choose export page from the page manager, and gets the stand-alone zipfile in my lap.

It still sounds stupid when I say it, especially since I have coded every inch of this, but I'm still perplexed that it really works!!!


Monday, September 17, 2007


Having a - mostly - stable platform is a pleasant surprise. One area where I'm sorely lacking right now is components. I'm supposed to show this thing up to potential customers and what can I show? Some google maps? Come on!

So today I revisited dojo's charting package and I saw that there existed some actually understandable code in the tests area, which I more or less copied, wrote some extra conversion code for the data I had slurped elsewhere and it just worked. Again. I mean I got that it just worked feeling again in quite a short while.

OK, so for some reason it's just grayscale, but is is financial data pulled from a table at a web page in kind of realtime, and poured over dojo charting goodness.

Monday, September 10, 2007

The last 80%

Yes, as always - again and again - after 80% is done, it's just the last 80% left to do; Layout bugs, missing buttons, various edge-cases, et.c.

rather than foucs on all small things left to do before I can feel comfortabel with showing the composer to investors or potential partners, is that it's actually workable as an IDE. Several times last month when having ideas on certain topics, I've used the composer, either creating blueprints, or fooling around with the WYSIWYG designer to try things out.

But the nicest thing I've done recently is so simple that I haven't really thought about it before, and it gives so much more to the overall impression of a page or a widget; Adding the possibility to define background-images for an element. I haven't finished the saving and loading part yet :) But it really does wonders for professional looks.